Single Mother

Lets keep it real, Motherhood is a challenging job and it becomes more challenging when your a single parent doing mostly every on your own while either the dad is not present at all or half the time present. What was once two parent how hold is not a a seperate parent household. I know most of us mothers did plan on being a “single mother” we wanted the family with the little picket fence and to live happily ever after. We bend over backwards for thier needs and wants. We comfort them, we love them and we spend most of our time with them. It can get very overwhelming and stressful at times especially when you have more than one kid and multiple other things to going on. Sometimes we want to cry, scream and just run away all at the same time but we are some strong indiviuals. Women take on so much and I don’t think enough credit is given for these beautiful souls God has created. We tackle any task in front of us when it comes to our kid(s) and we do NOT play about our kids. Even though that so called “baby daddy” is living his life with no concerns of his own child, We still don’t give him the satisfation to see us struggle or fail. They will not only have to answer to GOD but they will also have to answer to thier children AND TRUST ME I’m sure the grass isnt greener on the other side he’s struggling sis. LOL! Wish him well and continue to do whats best for you and your kid(s). DO RIGHT BY YOUR KIDS.

Any women can be a mother but it takes a bad ass mother to be a dad too

Published by Sincerely Shyann

I’m unapologetic, kind and caring.

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