You are your worst enemy.

Sometimes we cause our own problems and expect people to understand or feel sorry for you. When will you take ownership of your own life and starting making the best happen.

Stop doubting yourself. So long you continue to feel sorry for yourself the more excuses you will make.

Expect nothing, Appreciate everything. When u expect nothing and you have no reason to be disappointed but you will be surprised when it just happens.

Live up to your own expectations. You can’t expect the best from someone if you not even expecting the best from yourself. You don’t know what to expect.

Stop always over analyzing situations. You will worry yourself to death for the rest of your life

Stop being the negative common denominator. If you look around and see that your alone and everyone you come in contact and then they distance them selfs or u have more falling out the it’s time to adjust your attitude.

Learn from your mistakes don’t continue to keeping making the same mistake.

Published by Sincerely Shyann

I’m unapologetic, kind and caring.

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